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   For many small business owners and Realtors, the gap between marketing and sales can seem insurmountable.
Let us help you "Bridge the Gap" between where you are and where you want to be in your marketing. IAS is a full service marketing company that helps you accomplish all you require to effectively market yourself and your business.


Drawing from our own experiences, we learned that the best Real Estate Professionals/Small Business Owners are those that utilize as many facets of marketing as possible. From professional business cards, to hosting open houses, to mailing out postcards there are so many different means to market yourself or your business. We also know that you don’t always need an assistant on staff, but occasionally you do find yourself needing assistance! And that’s why we’re here.


MISSION: To combine our collective marketing experience, computer education and knack for gracious customer service, and offer it to area Realtors and Small Business Owners -- therefore, granting you the freedom
to do what you do best, assist your clients.


Quality vs. Quantity
Why? When? What? To Whom?

These are all very important questions regarding your marketing. The phrase “you have to spend it to make it” comes to mind.  There is a buyer and seller for everyone and everything; it’s up to you to make that happen. Your presentation speaks to your potential clients about who you are, your professionalism and integrity.  Whether through personal interaction, your business card, eBlasts, phone voice, attitude,
or produced advertising materials, the messages reflect directly upon you.

 Why & When? These first two are easy to answer.  Every piece of marketing you distribute is, in essence, a “sales rep” for you and your product. Now is the time. While everyone else is cutting back on their marketing, take this chance to increase yours.
Get out there, ahead of the crowd, and stand out.

What & To Whom? The most important questions!  The answers are QUALITY and QUALITY! Regardless of what you are sending, be it eBlasts, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, or promotional items, it has to be useful and of quality.  We’ve all heard people say “I’ve tried direct mail and it didn’t work.” What they actually meant was they tried using direct mail and what they used didn’t work for who they sent it to.
It’s not about quantity, it’s about QUALITY.

 It’s beneficial to understand your options in marketing, prior to dipping into your hard-earned marketing budget.

There are 3 keys to marketing… What you’re marketing, who you’re marketing it to and how often you’re marketing it.

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